Rob Erwood Announced as Nuaire Sales Director

Nuaire long-standing employee, Rob Erwood, has been announced as the company’s new Sales Director.  

Rob joined ventilation manufacturer Nuaire in 2004 as a sales rep, and has worked his way through the various sales posts, including most recently National Sales Manager, to reach this new pinnacle. In his role as Sales Director, Rob is responsible for both commercial and residential projects, with a large sales team consisting of 61 external sales people and 8 Regional Sales Managers. 

A proactive person, Rob has already made great use of his new position as Sales Director by spearheading a number of drives and new initiatives at Nuaire. Working closely with Nuaire’s new Managing Director Wayne Glover, Rob has been instrumental in producing a new vision statement and set of core values addressing customer service, quality, innovation and staff motivation. He has also implemented a programme of reaching out to customers on a one-to-one basis to get to the heart of their climate needs, which will be directly fed back into a new wave of innovative product development. Rob sees this latter aspect as being fundamental to the continued success of Nuaire: “Building Regulations have become more stringent over the years and part of the key to our success is finding products that meet – and exceed -regulations whilst remaining competitive. With product design, it’s all about getting the features and benefits that people will sign up to.”

Rob’s entire career has been spent in HVAC, starting with British Gas as an engineer before moving into sales, for which he has a natural aptitude. “It’s the variety that really appeals to me in terms of the different projects and industries,” he comments on his career in the sector. “One day you could be working on a major football stadium and the next a hospital, so you get to experience very different industries, which is really interesting.”

Having worked for several companies prior to Nuaire, Rob is keen to point out the unique culture of the company: “At Nuaire, there’s a ‘people come first’ mentality – a real family feel, despite it being part of a large PLC. This is reflected in the number of long-standing staff we have and the fact that we have entire families working here. Nuaire is a big employer for this part of South Wales. It’s a really unique atmosphere and coming to work is fun as well as professionally engaging. We certainly have some great characters here with a good sense of humour; it feels more than just a company producing ventilation products.”

Nuaire provides a full range of energy-efficient domestic, commercial and renewable ventilation solutions. UK based with over 450 employees worldwide, Nuaire has been at the forefront of the ventilation industry since 1966.

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