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Fix the cause, not the symptom

Condensation, damp, and mould problems can damage our health as well as the fabric of the property. The right ventilation solution can remove the excess moisture in the air which causes damp, condensation, and mould problems.

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Don't let damp win

Fix the cause, not the symptom

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Mould Problems?

No, it's excess moisture! Fix the cause, not the symptom

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Moisture and Ventilation

Wiping down windows and painting the walls are short term solutions to a long term problem. The key to removing condensation and mould for good is to treat the cause. The primary function of any ventilation system is to create air circulation which removes moisture from the air. 

Choosing the right ventilation system that is tailored to the nature of the building is simple.

When it comes to ventilating wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, a powerful extract fan will take moisture and pollutant-laden air from these rooms and exhaust it through ducts to outside. Selecting the right size fan for the room’s square footage ensures that the right amount of ventilation is taking place.

For complete home ventilation, however, the best choice is Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) or Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

Positive Input Ventilation Dimaster Eco

Positive Input Ventilation

Invented in 1972 by Nuaire, PIV remains the UK’s most popular method of low-energy, whole property ventilation solution that cures condensation. This method of ventilation creates a positive pressure throughout the entire house, driving warm, stale air and further impurities out through natural gaps within the home such as windows, doors, and the letterbox.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

MVHR units use very little energy to ventilate the whole home while cutting out up to 90% of heat losses. These systems work by extracting warm, stale air from the home and transferring this heat to the cool, fresh air that is brought into the property. Occupants with good MVHR systems often value the excellent indoor air quality as well as the impact on their primary energy use, CO2 footprint, and heating costs.

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